You're a dreamer, passionate about your baby.

Having a business is a lot like having a baby. You stay up late worrying about it. Wondering if you’re doing the right thing and making the right decisions. Doing your best to help nurture your business. Helping it grow from just a twinkle in your eye, to a small business, on up to a large corporation.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming! Where do you begin, what do you need, and where do you get advice? Lucky for you I can help you get ready to prepare your baby for the world or help you give your small business the tools it needs to survive and grow to the next level.

Let me help you show the world your idea in the best possible, cohesive way.

freelance web and graphic designer Nashua New Hampshire

A Sampling of Services

  • Responsive Websites

Custom WordPress themes or Customized WordPress themes from WordPress templates that look fantastic wherever you view your site.

  • Website Hosting

Setting up of hosting accounts with your preferred hosting company or I can host your site for you. Click here to find out more about having host your site.

  • Business Identity

To achieve a cohesive look for your brand you need a designer that can oversee that all brand standards are followed. Designing Media kits, logos, business cards, print and web advertising is one of my specialties.

  • Consulting

Are you a designer that just needs a little bit of help finishing up a website? Are you a business owner that just needs someone to explain this website stuff in plain English? Hire me as a consultant and I’ll answer all your questions.

Ready to see what I can do for you?

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